The Play of Sunlight and Shadow: Through the Secret Garden Door …

Golden Flowers in a Pool of Sunlight: Through the Secret Garden Door …

It’s a busy, busy week here at my studio. With two large garden designs, and three smaller projects shifting from dream to reality, there’s much work to be done behind the scenes. I must confess that paperwork and numbers are not terribly exciting to this creative personality type, but desk duties are very necessary to insure smooth sailing in the says ahead. And, how can I complain? Looking through the Secret Garden door —sunlit gardens sparkling beyond a shadowy frame— I know how lucky I am to have a room with a view …

Peeking Through the Secret Garden Room Door

Outside, Looking In …

View from the Desk in my Secret Garden Room …

Looking Through the Secret Garden Door, Beyond the Wild Flower Walk, the Sun Slides Behind the Shadowy Stone Wall

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2 Replies to “The Play of Sunlight and Shadow: Through the Secret Garden Door …”

  1. Jen

    You must have known I was back at my windowless office today and posted these photos for my own little secret internet window! Thank you thank you thank you! I spent part of my morning, when not with patients, looking up info about peonies for fall planting! Also imagining new garden space off the corner of my back deck. I am so in love with growing things!!!

    Good luck with your numbers and such, creative queen! Don’t let all those posies (with their colors, shapes, insects, and whole ecological worlds) lure you to far away from your desk!

  2. Jen

    I hate when I make grammatical/spelling errors.

    *too far away from your desk.

    Phew. That’s better.

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