The Warmth of January Sunlight . . .

winter sunrise beauty ⓒ 2013 michaela : thegardenersedenSunrise in the Winter Garden 

When the Honey-Gold Sun Pours Warm Over the Garden, Winter Can Be So Lovely

Hydrangea petiolaris -Consumed Rock â“’ 2013 michaela - thegardenerseden.comSnow-Dusted Boulders, Consumed by a Web of Climbing Hydrangea (H. petiolaris), Illuminated by Winter’s Sunglight

sunrise snow squall ⓒ 2013 michaela - thegardenersedenAnd the Paper Birch, Delight of White, Vertical Line, Dance in a Sparkling Swirl of Backlit Flurries (Betula papyrifera) 

Vanilla Icecream with Melted Butterscotch â“’ 2013 michaela - thegardenerseden.comA Winter’s Day: Like Melted Butterscotch on Frozen, Vanilla Ice Cream (Fagus grandifolia & Tsuga canadensis)

Top photo: Cornus kousa & Miscanthus sinensis

Garden Design/Installation: Michaela Medina Harlow

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5 Replies to “The Warmth of January Sunlight . . .”

  1. narf7

    My climbing hydrangeas look like that now and it is the middle of summer here in Tasmania, Australia…no snow to blame here…only the newfound interest and degustatory delight of our local native wallabies :(

  2. Michaela

    No, no, Wally! Wallabies eat hydrangea? How can such a cute animal be so bad? Do they gnaw the bark, defoliate or simply consume the entire plant? Dratted beasties. So upsetting.

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Such uplifting photos, as always M; but totally in love with the glow of backlit Beech in “A Winter’s Day”… hugs D.

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