Welcome November

IMG_0863.JPGWelcoming November Light & Leaf-Strewn Wandering

Stripped of most deciduous leaves, suddenly the forest is shockingly bright at sunrise again. And now that the clocks have changed, November mornings belong to us early birds once more. It’s a trick of course, and we’ll pay for this daylight loan in afternoon hours —but I’m willing to pony up. I’d rather get going with hot coffee at dawn and linger later by the fire with a mug of hot-mulled cider.

Welcome November!

IMG_0859.JPG The bones of a landscape are slowly revealed as autumn leaves catch the wind  

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7 Replies to “Welcome November”

  1. Michaela

    Thank you, Pat. That little iPhone does a pretty good job in low light. I’m constantly, and pleasantly surprised by what it can do. So happy to have light-filled, early morning hours again! xx M

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    There’s such promise in that first shot… The roadsides are blanketed with fallen leaves; all bedded down for a long, cozy nap (with the promise that Winter’s now truly on its way and will be over that much sooner; )
    Honestly, I hate this time of year and the fact that daylight hours will continue to shrink until the Winter Solstice… That, combined with the circadian confusion caused by shifting back to Standard Time; well, it truly messes me up. With the availability of electric lighting, is there really any need for Daylight Savings Time anymore?

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    The iPhone has come SO far on low light photography.
    I’m constantly amazed at what I can pick up now, with just ambient light: )

  4. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Oops, sorry about the twin…
    After roughly 21 hours, I thought it had gotten lost… Kindof strange that it didn’t register as a duplicate either, when I resubmitted it?

  5. Michaela

    Hi there, Deb –

    Hmm. That IS odd. I did not see two until you mentioned it and I looked in the que. Curious, one registered as spam and the other did not? I have no idea what that little program is thinking. I see what it spits out at me on the other side!

    I love the iPhone camera. I imagine that in a couple of years, there will be no need for a big, clunky DSLR. Hallelujah. I’m all in favor of traveling light!

    I’m with you on diminishing daylight. One of my favorite parts of late spring and early summer is the endless hours to accomplish tasks before and after a good work day. I do not like changing the time, and find that it is indeed confusing and counter-productive. Sigh. Time to let that failed concept go.

    To the solstice!


  6. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    (7 weeks from the clock change: )
    But what am I saying? There’s SO much to be done before Christmas arrives! Whatever happened to our childhood antipation of getting ready for Christmas? Finding just the right gifts, celebrations to attend, the festive atmosphere, traditional Music, Food, and Custom, twinkling lights everywhere? Guess that’s what happens when you’re (too): grownup – there’s just not enough time! Speaking of which… Tick Tock! xo D.

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