Welcoming Spring!

photo 1Anticipating the Spicy-Sweet Fragrance of My Favorite Springtime Blossom: Viburnum x bodnantense ‘Dawn’

Welcome Spring! The Vernal Equinox —day and night of equal length— occurs at 12:57 pm EDT today, March 20th, signaling the official start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. And although my Secret Garden is coated in yet another fresh layer of snow and ice today, I know that soon the melting will begin.

Already, songbirds are returning to New England; seeking nesting places to raise their young. And the buds are swollen to near-bursting on Vernal Witch Hazel and early Viburnum branches. Take heart, cold climate, gardening friends! Before we know it, the rush will be on to rake up, mulch up and begin planting in ernest. I can hardly wait!

photo 2 And the Beautiful Warmth of Spring Mornings in the Garden

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3 Replies to “Welcoming Spring!”

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Happy Equinox Michaela!
    Hang in there, it’s bound to melt one of these days. (We’ve still got 4 feet of snow here too): A most bizarre Winter…

  2. Michaela

    Happy Spring, Deb. Oh, the winter is so slow in leaving this year. How I do wish she would go. Ah well, nothing to do but wait and dream. I hope your snow melts post haste, and that the sun is soon shining on your daffodil faces! xx M

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