Wild at Heart . . .

Day Lilies from White Flower Farm’s Woodside Mix: Blazing Sunset Shades in the Entry Garden

English gardens, Asian gardens, European, Cottage and Modern fusions: I create all sorts of gardens to earn a living, and I find beauty in them all. Formality and structure appeal to my love of architecture and my need for professional challenge. And oh yes, I can prune and edge and deadhead with the best of them; in fact, when I worked maintaining gardens, one of my longtime clients dubbed me ‘Edwina Scissorhands’.

Back at home, the bones of my garden were set strong and sound, but as time goes by the truth is revealed: I will always be Wild at Heart…

Every Nook & Cranny :Whenever I Plant Between the Stones He’s Lain, I Find Myself in a Kind of Slow-Moving, Artistic Conversation with My Friend, Master Waller and Sculptor Dan Snow. Here, I’ve Crammed Rock Roses (Echeveria) and Stonecrop (Sedum) Between the Steps Dan Built for My Studio. Nature Likes to Toss in Her Two Cents for Good Measure, and I Try Not to Interrupt Her (Self-Sown Rudbeckia Blown in from the Wildflower Walk)

In High Summer, the Cool and Shady Secret Garden Door is Nearly Obscured by the Bright, Tumbling, Wildflower Jumble in the Main Entry Garden and Walkway, Just Beyond the Mossy Walls. 

Stonework: Dan Snow (click here for information).

Garden Design & Installation: Michaela Medina Harlow (click here to contact)

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5 Replies to “Wild at Heart . . .”

  1. John

    I’m interested to see gooseneck loosestrife in photo #6. I love that plant and had it in my garden but had to pull it due to invasiveness. How do you keep yours from out-competing surrounding plants?

  2. Jen

    Oh, these are so lovely. The colors, the focus v. out of focus, the composition.

    Cheers, to the wild at heart!


  3. paspirit

    Michaela, I’m with you…wild at heart. I love letting the garden decide what it will grow and where. It’s always perfect.

  4. Michaela

    @ John – Was wondering if someone might ask about the ‘Devil with the white dress on”. Yes, she was a ‘gift’ —ironically arriving in a pot of witch alder— and lives in a Bermuda triangle island: between driveway gravel, walkway stone and impassable ledge. I am watching like a hawk and do not trust her at all. No, this is not a safe plant for the perennial border. I have rooted it out of many gardens in the past. One false move and I pull out he Nature’s Avenger! ;) Good eye, John!

  5. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    I’d love to take a stroll someday – meander t’ward eternity, toward the light, into the light through your misty meadow portal: love Love LOVE the secret garden walkway…

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