Winter’s Quiet Beauty: Soft, Powdery Mornings & Misty Mountain Tops…

Mist Rising in the Snow-Covered, Green River Valley

Try as I might, I can think of nothing more peaceful than the quiet stillness of Vermont’s misty, snow-covered mountains at first light…

White-Coated Conifers Frame the View to the North

The Snowy Still at Woodland’s Edge

A Dusting of Snow Traces the Outline of Every Tiny Branch

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2 Replies to “Winter’s Quiet Beauty: Soft, Powdery Mornings & Misty Mountain Tops…”

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Fabulous, fabulous… You are SO lucky to be surrounded, enfolded, immersed in all of this! I too am surrounded by nature’s beauty every day, but not on the scale of your vistas! xo D

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