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  • In Anticipation of April’s Pink Moon …

    The Pink Moon (Shown Here, Rising on April 4th) is Full this Friday, April 6th, at 3:19pm ET Longtime followers of The Gardener’s Eden will recall that this starry-eyed gardener has a particular fondness for April’s Pink Moon. Previous posts (such as this one, here ) have also included links to Nick Drake’s beautiful song by the […]

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  • In Celebration of the Much Anticipated Pink Moon of April…

    Narcissus – Photograph © 2010, Michaela at TGE Last Night’s Full, Pink Moon Rising… April’s full moon is traditionally referred to as the Pink Moon. Indeed, cerise does seem to be the color of the month, with the flowers of wild ground phlox, (sometimes called moss phlox), viburnum, cherry and apple blossoms and countless other […]

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